my writing is a selfconscious search

the-one-of-a-kind cannot be a specific-object
the first is closer to a dream, the other: to the open eye
a specific-object is a thing itself – an object that by its very nature can be repeated, made, named; it is a medium that functions as a thing
the-one-of-a-kind is an idea, a manifestation, an avatar; that is unique, original; its message is in its form

i am understanding that this is the Aristotle vs Plato paradox
AHG quipped my work is a ‘funky specific-object’. what did he mean?

a funky specific-object is almost a contradiction; is it like, although a face is a face (specific-object) no two faces are alike (funk)?
they vary and yet they are what it is; they are ‘somewhat’ specific!

so, if I make O——O right, A is A is absolutely a specific-object; definitely not a-one-of-a-kind. Eyes are wide open! Right?