The Reflective


“…imaginary lines..,” said Euclid as he explained what was in his head.






Allow me to say something, that sculpture says: physical language in steel conforms to meaning itself….well we will have to go to Gonzolas first. In a dream, he is the Hors d’oeuvre. DeSuvero, Serra, Caro, Calder and Smith; the Meal. Now here comes the Desert, the bell already tolling, Parker enters the Ring, his mind like a iron tray: a saucer. He places the Essence before bids.

Ah-h, he’s late. They’ve already chosen the Tavern. He “stands on the shoulders of giants.” So, he uncoils from his pocket, a thud on the floor.

You! and he points to Gonzolas! your Tesselated Line suckered me in! My Opener is the same thing, and the late Motherwell had one on his table!

And he points to deSuvero, Great! …those fabricated points that are the objects of your ______ are FIXED: and that is what we have broken. Our Western mindset finds this very difficult. I sawed those fabricated ‘points apart and those ‘Triopse’ moved!” You! Serra! You deserve something from me: ice. You said of mine: “It’s a bad deSuvero!” Maybe you were right! And then, you took the Tilted Arc right from my forge. Tovy suggested it! But to the point, sir! Your surfaces are meaningful only in that they say: nothing. They are existential! You left it for us to reply! Ah-hem! Caro, the Late! I worried so much about you. You were on the right track. You said everything there was to say. You went this way and that, across and below, reflective and upside down. Yours is the equipment of quest! But then standing like a tower, glinting like the sun, Stable and ‘in motion’; our two dimensional genius takes his place – Calder sits down, then stands up. Smith has walked in. Steaming like a locomotive, he unbuttons his breast. “The Cubie,” he says…!  And aware, like daVinci, flashes his eye. The Cubie is built off its own face: meaning, meaning itself: meaning.

I drew myself up at the table, having cleared the round with a swing of my tale, “Pure dimension,” I said. “Here’s an Axiom of Imaginary Space.” The Piece I was looking at was tesselated and cubic; but looking at the thing, I was drawn to a strange Notion. It was something else … I internalized the logic floating in my ‘grey matter’ that this was actually a “point in space,” and that at the other end of the invisible line across the chasm dividing my senses was my Reflection!

” You’re drunk! Mr. Parker. ”




(pic: is of my first forged  ‘Point’ – where Liebnitz and Euclid are combined!) 1973

But I heard, “The line is invisible between two points.” And at the Rivington School, when the ‘Abstraction entered the Head’ … 1985 forged iron.CRW_0801-copy

And then again, dwelling on this (by now at our yard in Brooklyn).

(pic: 2006) rp-june09-001

(A is A) Rather (A=B=C) is (A=B=C) … “A line is the invisible  distance between two points,” Euclid.)

And now in 2014, I am attempting to explain the ‘revelation’ by this drawing:



Serra slams a Cube on the table, like a land mine. He is playing chess.

DeSuvero turns and points to the ‘bad deSuvero:’ (pic). “That is not a deSuvero,” he says.

Parker amplifies the conflict, dumping a load of daVinci Blocks on the table, spouting off something not inane …leo-blox-1

about Greenberg, Rosenberg and Steinberg and the cubes on the faces of the cubes. He went on for about an hour, as he read – The painted Word and evidence about FLATNESS. He said, “Flatness is to-painting-to-the-picture-plane as Cubies are to the Cube?” “We’ve added a dimension here, and on top of it we know it!” He turns to deSuvero, swills another beer. “a beer is a beer is a beer'” he thinks.




I sat down, drew on a napkin, how I got from the Cube to The Point to the Flat Space. By the time I finished, everybody had left, but in through the door lumbered RL Seltman, narscissic as a light meter.


“Kyong just fell and broke his crown.” He was in the hospital. “He was hanging like an acrobat upside down on Kelly’s Rainbow Maker, and he slipped. Going to do the show? he warned.

And that was the end of that. We went off into the night. I awoke at my forge, not knowing how I got there.