Luddites !

COLLAPSED-CUBE, steel, variable, Parker 2017

responding to ND …

We cannot escape duality. Where there is something, there is nothing. For a medium to comment upon itself is to be itself and that being is a subject of art.

You all see it intellectually. You know it has all been around for a long time. You say nobody is interested ? Yet SCULPTURE is the three dimensional contributor to the conversation. But you don’t understand ! Unless you can admit your material lack of sense; the whole world is going to remain intellectual and not at the same time, real. Sculpture is real !

“The facts of the matter are themselves !” The reflexive looks like this O——-O. It means one-dimension: a give and take between a thing and a self. It’s is Being ! You know this ! Here sculpture shows itself it off ! It makes a work of this shape and experiments to find where it can go: … by containing each of the ENDS like … into each other. So…! What do I think? Do you want to sit down? If the moral imperative is real, what else is real ? Did you think of that too ? Why is that, a THING that is important ?

Curved yellow triangle ! The classical problem with the picture plane is two dimensions. Two-dimensions is often something we sympathetically interpret the world in; synthetically: like the coordinates @ the X,Y axis; here the Axis is the named commutative: AB = BA; and (let me) figuratively sculpt two of those things (reflexives) contained at one of their ends: O——-O X O——-O or better yet; 4 of those things contained at each of their ends once – then we get a PLANE !

Here the observer is SYNTACTICALLY positioned reflexively; so actually containing the the third dimension at the POINT (I declare, “All information is positioned as dimensional,”) An aesthetic cognitive synthesis perhaps combines dimensions, as does a conversation. If all the information we give and receive is reflexive, and even when a lot of it is only received while staring at the FLAT; then DOING is the sense in which we feel ourselves execute that third synthetic.

A POINT on a piece of paper

is exactly the same as a point-in-space.

We do not debate that !

That in itself is an easy concession; because the point on the FLAT is merely a particular case.

Objectified; “a point is where three lines meet” and the fourth is the SPECTATOR.

Also, how many times do we see lines when we spot a point ?

And how are these lines meeting at their ends ?

Let us shape the LINE like this O——-O ( its END is a LOCATION)

This CUBE IS LYING FLAT ON THE FLOOR, collapsed…. To say, “It is a trompe l’oeil,” as Anthony said, is to say ‘seeing is one dimension’ is reflexively true. This CUBE is not Euclidean; but it answers the Cartesian criteria. It is a Transitive-CUBE; so it is physical and at the same time – LOGICAL: the cubed physical manifestation of the Axiom of Transitivity. The Axiom was logically demonstrated by Leibniz. It reads: if A contains B and B contains C; then A contains C: A = B = C . “This is easy!” I have interpreted this: (O——-O X O——-O X O——-O) . As a sculpture, transitivity is not only logical, formally a-priori; but has become three dimensional and a-point-in-space. Which gets the interior to the outside, the idea onto the ground; the intellect to the real ! So WHAT we are talking about, is essentially the question: can something be physical and logical at the same time? To what effect ? Which leads to the question. Is the mind logical and visa versa, the Idea Natural ?

Let the sculpture do the talking …. But you are standing back ! Only by heuristic, intrepid means is the real intuitable. We cherish our wrecked car ! And put it in the new museum of words … hanging like a Castle . That prick, Apollinaire ! “Let’s not get personal here !”

How are you going to demolish the Word, unless you know what you are talking about ? And how are you going to get a feel for what is to come? And do you have the balls to appreciate its necessity – in a physical sense ?

“The medium is the message” is merely and yet probably a reflexive reiterating a-thing-is-itself. McLuan has also said, “Sculpture predecesses writing.” Since I have shown in sculpture that: O——-O is of the form: A is A, a-thing-is-itself and I have shown that the reflexive exists in one dimension; while commutatively exists in two; and transitively lives in three; and I have sculpted in steel and wood various permutations and combinations that follow from this ; then it would be weird not to grant sculpture its say; because we are talking about the human abstract / reality here, any which lack of specific celebration is truly Luddictic .

Luddites! … what is this, ‘smashing the machinery of art’? The critic murmured the same to himself while hammering the keys to the future.

“COLLAPSED CUBE !” You say of course, it is going to collapse with those rings. Beware, it is not collapsed if you hold it in your hands ! And it is the same thing !


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